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Learn about the Air District activities in your community, view interactive maps of permitted facilities and current air quality and explore local outreach and Health Risk evaluation programs.

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Learn about Air Quality and Air District community engagement activities in your county:

Community Air Risk Evaluation (CARE) Program

Despite large reductions in air pollution, some communities in the Bay Area still experience higher pollution levels and health effects, when compared to others. The Community Air Risk Evaluation (CARE) program represents a critical step toward reducing health disparities in Bay Area communities linked to air quality. The Goals of the CARE Program are to:

  • Identify areas within the Bay Area where air pollution is most contributing to health impacts and where populations are most vulnerable to air pollution impacts;
  • Apply sound science to design and focus effective mitigation measures in areas with highest impacts; and
  • Engage the communities and other stakeholders (local industry, government agencies, etc.) in the program to craft mitigations that extend beyond what the Air District could do alone.

Other Community Engagement Activities

The Air District actively promotes local engagement activities such as those described below:

Youth Outreach Education

Learn about local youth engagement programs, schedule a speaker for your school, or download our free climate change curriculum.

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