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Community Advisory Council Foundational Documents and Resources

View the Community Advisory Council's foundational documents and other resources.

The Community Advisory Council’s foundational documents and other resources are available for reference and support to the CAC and community.

Board of Directors Resolution 2023-14 for the Community Advisory Council

This Board of Directors Resolution establishes a governance structure for the Community Advisory Council, which includes the Community Advisory Council Charter and the Community Advisory Council Compensation Policy and Procedures.

Community Advisory Council Charter

The Community Advisory Council Charter is the governing document for the CAC. The Governance Ad Hoc Committee of the Community Advisory Council developed the Charter and it was approved by the Board of Directors on July 05, 2023. The Charter consists of:

  • Mission, Goals, and Guiding Principles
  • Membership Composition and Duties
  • Leadership Structure and Terms
  • Standing and Ad Hoc Committees
  • Meeting Agenda Development
  • Required Trainings

Attachment A of the Charter includes foundational information such as the Environmental Justice Principles and the Jemez Principles.

Community Advisory Council Compensation Policy and Procedures

CAC 2024-2025 Work Plan

The Air District recognizes the importance of supporting community involvement in Air District initiatives and providing financial support to increase equitable representation in agency programs and activities. This compensation policy describes how members of the Community Advisory Council will get compensated by the Air District for their time related to meetings, and activities of the Community Advisory Council or the Air District. 

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