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Public records are available from the Air District under the California Public Records Act. Request access to records and learn more about the District’s records management policies below.

Request Records

To request Air District public records, submit a request electronically through the Air District’s Public Records Portal. You will receive a reply email that describes and confirms the request and assigns it an identifying number. You can also set up an account to track the Air District’s response to your request.

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The Air District provides access to all public records except certain records exempted by law. Exempt records include investigative records, drafts, confidential legal advice, trade secrets, certain litigation records, most personnel records, and any other information that may be kept confidential under state or federal law.


The Air District may charge the direct cost of duplication when it provides copies of records. When staff must compile electronic data, extract information from an electronic record, or undertake computer programming to satisfy a request, the Air District may require the requester to bear the full costs, including staff time, not just the direct cost of duplication.

More Information

Additional information about the Air District’s public records is available in Division I, Section 11 of the District’s Administrative Code.

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Last Updated: 8/3/2023