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Learn about the Planning and Climate Protection Division’s Local Government Support Program and explore its technical assistance resources.

The Local Government Support Program, or LGSP, is led by the Planning and Climate Protection Division working to motivate, empower, and equip Bay Area local governments to realize a vibrant and equitable clean economy, clean air, and climate-safe communities. We achieve this by fostering meaningful connections and dialogues, evaluating plans, establishing knowledge exchanges, facilitating access to opportunities, and offering valuable and cutting-edge resources.

About the Program

The Local Government Support Program is a comprehensive program offering innovative and cutting-edge technical assistance for local governments. It has been designed with one vision in mind:

To support Bay Area local governments taking catalytic action – in partnership with disproportionately overburdened communities – to transform the region into an equitable, healthy, and climate-safe place for all, inspiring bold action across the region and state.

Direct Support and Services

The Local Government Support Program offers a range of direct support and services to protect public health, reduce historical and current environmental inequities, and lessen climate impacts. We provide services to assist local governments in the planning and implementation of air quality protection overlay zones, environmental justice elements, health-protective conditions of approval for new development, review of climate action plans, and more. For example, the Air District partnered with the City of Oakland to develop the following resources:

  • Oakland's Truck-Attracting Business Ordinance: We supported the development of an ordinance aimed at addressing the impact of truck-attracting businesses on air quality.
  • Oakland’s Environmental Justice Element: We collaborated with the City of Oakland on its Environmental Justice Element by providing Technical Assistance on air quality data and air protection policies.
  • Interagency Workgroup Resolution: We helped Oakland establish an interagency workgroup dedicated to addressing air quality policies collaboratively.

We are available to assist local governments as they seek to integrate clean air, climate protection and resilience, and environmental justice into their planning and policy efforts. Visit the Resource Library to access model and example ordinances and other resources we’ve created through the direct assistance services provided to local governments.

Resource Library

Explore the full range of resources in our Resource Library—featuring data tools, models, guidance on plans, policy support, and funding options. Equip yourself with the essentials to contribute to the transformation of the Bay Area into an equitable, healthy, and climate-safe space.

 Resource Library 


Featured Resources

View a few featured resources to support Bay Area local governments. Explore the full Local Government Support Program Resource Library for more.

  • Interactive Data Maps
    View interactive maps showing air quality forecasts, air quality monitoring data, facilities, and overburdened communities throughout the Bay Area.
  • Bay Area Regional Climate Action Planning Initiative (BARCAP)
    The Air District has received funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Pollution Reduction Grant program, or CPRG, to lead a five-county climate action planning process to position the region to compete for $4.3 billion in implementation funding available in early 2024.
  • Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Data Portal
    This site is valuable for Bay Area jurisdictions to develop and update their greenhouse gas inventories, aid climate planning, track progress, and comprehend community transportation emissions within the broader regional context, aligning with MTC's long-range transportation plan.

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