The Strategies section includes links to the Air District’s CEQA Mitigation Database and links to other resources to reduce air quality and greenhouse gas emissions and exposure. 

These resources assist practitioners when evaluating air quality and climate impacts during the environmental review process pursuant to CEQA.

Clean Building Compass

Community–scale strategies and examples for climate action.

Local Climate Action Plan (LCAP) Reduction Measures database
Database of local climate action plan measures implemented throughout the Bay Area.

Community Health Protection Program, AB 617
An air quality program that focuses on reducing air pollution and related health disparities in the Bay Area.

Planning Healthy Places
Guidebook of best practices to reduce exposure and emissions from local sources of air pollutants.

Bay Area Air Quality Management District SB 1000
Environmental Justice policies incorporated into local land use planning through city and county General Plans. 

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Planning and Climate Protection

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Last Updated: 4/18/2022