Metal Facilities

Learn about the comprehensive plans to minimize fugitive emissions at metal facilities.

Regulation 6, Rule 4 (Rule 6-4) and Regulation 12, Rule 13 (Rule 12-13) require foundries, forges, metal shredders, and recyclers to develop Emission Minimization Plans, or EMPs, that detail and describe site specific:

  • Facility operations
  • Abatement and control equipment
  • Management practices
  • Processes and procedures
  • New or future measures to minimize fugitive emissions of odors and particulates

Metal facilities subject to Regulation 6, Rule 4 and Regulation 12, Rule 13 must operate in accordance with their Air District approved EMP and are required to submit an EMP update every five years thereafter. Facilities are also required to submit an EMP update upon commencement of an operation, process, equipment, or throughput change which requires a modification of their Air District Permit to Operate; or if a facility is determined to have violated an Air District, state, or federal regulation pertaining to emissions of particulate matter.

The Air District provides guidance and EMP reporting templates (Reg 6-4 guidance and EMP template, Reg 12-13 guidance and EMP template) to assist facilities with preparing and submitting an EMP. These documents can also be found on the Rule Advisories web page along with other resources.

The Air District will post EMP updates to this page as they become available. Current EMPs (public, non-confidential copies) can be viewed in the tables below. To obtain public copies of archived EMPs, please visit public records request.

Regulation 12, Rule 13 (Foundry & Forging Operations)

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Regulation 6, Rule 4 (Metal Shredding & Recycling Operations)

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