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Hiring Process

Learn about the Air District’s hiring process, including recruitment, application review, examinations, and notification.


Carefully review the job announcement for any position that interests you and contact the Human Resources office with any questions. The job announcement describes the details of the position and minimum qualifications, and outlines the District’s selection process.

Application Review

The Human Resources office will review your application materials to ensure you meet the job’s minimum qualifications and that you’ve submitted all required materials.


Depending upon the number of qualified applicants and position requirements, you may be selected for an application screening, performance or practical exam, written exam, or oral exam. The highest scoring applicants will proceed to the next step and a list of eligible candidates will be established. This eligible list may remain active for 18 months to fill future vacancies.


You will be notified by email or mail if:

  • You have been eliminated from the hiring process
  • You have been selected to continue the hiring process
  • You have been scheduled for an examination
  • You have been selected to fill a position
  • You have not been selected, but will remain on the eligible list

Because we cannot guarantee delivery of notifications, contact the Human Resources office if your mailing address, email address, and/or phone number changes at any point during the hiring process.

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Last Updated: 8/3/2023