BACT / TBACT Workbook

View the BACT/TBACT Workbook, a resource for guiding permit applicants and Air District staff through one step of the New Source Review permitting process.

Notifying Permit Applicants of a Regulatory Requirement to Use BACT for Emergency Backup Engines greater than or equal to 1000 BHP
The Air District is notifying permit applicants of achieved-in-practice BACT for large emergency backup engines. This would potentially affect engine permit applications under Air District review by requiring engines meet EPA Tier 4 emissions standards. To view the 3/29/2021 webinar, slides, and FAQs, visit the Workshops and Events web page.

The Air District’s Best Available Control Technology and Best Available Control Technology for Toxics Workbook (PDF) is designed to provide guidance on the BACT and TBACT requirements for commonly permitted sources subject to New Source Review in the Bay Area.  Each source subject to these requirements in analyzed on a “case by case” basis to determine compliance with these requirements and not all cases are covered by the guidance.

This workbook serves as a guide for permit applicants, Air District engineers, and others interested in understanding emissions limits, control devices, and techniques needed to meet the BACT New Source Review Rule and TBACT New Source Review of Toxic Air Contaminants Rule.

Section 1: BACT/TBACT Policy and Implementation

Section 2: Combustion Sources

Boilers, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional

Internal Combustion Engines

Process Heaters

Gas Turbines

Steam Generators

Cement Kilns

Section 3: Petroleum Industry

Bulk Loading Facilities

Gasoline Dispensing Facilities

Oil-water Separators

Water Treating - Oil/Water Separator

Petroleum Refinery Fugitive Emissions

Sulfur Recovery Plant

Section 4: Organic Liquid Storage Tanks

Orgainc Liquid Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks (20,000 gallons or greater)
Storage Tanks < 20,000 gallon capacity

Section 5: Coating Sources

Aerospace Assembly & Component Coating Ops.

Spray Booth - Coating of Aerospace Components

Spray Booth - Coating of Flatwood Paneling & Wood Flat Stock

Metal Container, Closure, and Coil Coating

Misc. Metal Parts and Products coating

Spray Booth - Coating of Misc. Metal Parts and Products

Misc. Solvent & Surface Coating Operations

Flow Coater, Dip Tank and Roller Coater

Motor Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Coating

Spray Booth - Coating of Motor Vehicle & Mobile Equipment,Rework or Bodyshop

Section 6: Solvent Cleaning Sources

Cold Solvent Cleanin

Section 7: Electronic and Semiconductor Industry

Circuit Board Manufacturing

Electronic Assembly & Wave Soldering Operations

Flexible and Rigid Disk Manufacturing

Magnetic Media Manufacturing - Disc Coating, Oxide
Magnetic Media Manufacturing - Disc Coating, Lubricant
Magnetic Media Manufacturing - Disc Polishing/Texturing

Semiconductor Manufacturing Operations

Section 8: Waste Processing Industry


Organic Waste Processing

Sewage Treatment Facilities Works (POTWs)

Section 9: Soil/Water Remediation Sources


Soil Vapor Extraction

Section 10: Toxic Sources

Chrome Plating

Section 11: Miscellaneous Sources

Abrasive Blasting

Coffee Roaster


  • Crematory

Crushing and Grinding

Concrete Batch Plant

Miscellaneous Operations

Polystyrene Foam Manufacturing

Portable Equipment

Resin Manufacturing


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