Regulation 6: Particulate Matter - Common Definitions and Test Methods - Fugitive Dust: Rules 6-1 and 6-6

Air District staff are initiating efforts to propose amendments to two rules: Rule 6-1: Particulate Matter – General Requirements and Rule 6-6: Particulate Matter – Prohibition of Trackout. These rules address particulate matter emissions from commercial and industrial sources. For more information please see the Fugitive Dust page.

Hearings, Workshops and Other Events

Throughout the rule development process, we will provide information on upcoming and past workshops, hearings, and other events.


Supporting materials, such as staff reports, regulatory language, and other technical documents related to rule development, will be posted throughout the development process.


The Air District provides opportunities for the public to submit input throughout the development process, and posts comments received during the open public comment periods.

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Last Updated: 5/17/2023