Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Air District's Board of Directors has voted to set the stage for Regulation 12, Rule 16 to cap greenhouse gas emissions from the region’s five refineries, creating a model for the state and nation to follow.

Spare the Air Status

This proposed action will provide a back-stop and prevent greenhouse gas emissions from increasing as potentially dirtier crude oil comes into the region for processing. To date, regional greenhouse gas emissions have been offset by refineries purchasing credits on the open market elsewhere to meet California requirements. Regulation 12, Rule 16 will cap greenhouse gases at the source, helping to achieve the statewide and Bay Area greenhouse gas reduction targets.

The Air District has developed a suite of rules over the past four years that work together to further address public health, air pollutants, and air monitoring from refineries. Taken together, these refinery regulations are the most health-protective in the nation.

The revised rule capping greenhouse gas emissions will be brought before the Air District's Board of Directors at the June 21 meeting for consideration.

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 View Regulation 12, Rule 16 web page.

Last Updated: 5/31/2017