Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Jack Broadbent, executive officer of the Air District, offered a statement on the Trump administration’s proposal to retain the National Ambient Air Quality Standard for particulate matter.

Spare the Air Status

“Once again, the Trump administration has taken advantage of our current national health crisis to launch an attack on public health. On the heels of a recent Harvard study showing a correlation between higher particulate pollution levels and increased death rates from COVID-19 - and despite recommendations from leading public health professionals - the Environmental Protection Agency has made the unfortunate proposal to keep National Ambient Air Quality Standards for particulate matter at a standstill, instead of taking the opportunity to tighten them. When given the choice between fulfilling their legal and moral obligation to protect public health or loosening the reins on major polluters, the Trump Administration has continued to side wholeheartedly with polluters. The Air District will steadfastly resist any efforts that recklessly endanger the health and well-being of Bay Area residents.”

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Last Updated: 4/14/2020