Friday, September 04, 2020

Due to the significant heat wave and energy shortages, Governor Gavin Newsom proclaimed a state of emergency that allows the use of backup generators and similar backup power sources to reduce the strain on grid-based electrical power.  The proclamation is in effect until 11:59 PM on September 8.  

Spare the Air Status

The proclamation also allows power plants to increase energy production to respond to energy needs during the Extreme Heat Event. Permitted facilities are asked to notify the Air District, the Energy Commission, and the Air Resources Board within 48 hours if their operations will result in exceedances of permit or rule requirements. To notify the Air District of any permit or rule exceedances, please email the Director of Compliance and Enforcement, Jeff Gove at

 If you have any other questions about the Extreme Heat Emergency orders, please contact the Director of Engineering, Pamela Leong at  

The Air District supports efforts to reduce energy use and encourages individuals and businesses to help to their part during the extreme weather event, including:

  • Set thermostats to 78° or higher between 3 and 10 PM
  • Refrain from using major appliances between 3 and 10 PM
  • Turn off unnecessary lights and use energy efficient lamps when needed
  • If indoor temperatures allow, keep windows and doors closed to prevent the loss of cooled air
  • Charge electric cars after 9 PM

Last Updated: 9/4/2020