The Air District is taking steps to ensure Bay Area air quality and public health are protected during the COVID pandemic. This includes closing our 375 Beale Street office in San Francisco until further notice, except for deliveries.

Spare the Air Status
  • The safety of the public and our employees is a top priority.
  • Essential functions of the Air District, as defined by the shelter-in-place orders - including air quality monitoring and forecasting, the enforcement of air quality regulations, and response to air quality complaints - will continue.
  • All other Air District functions are being handled remotely until the state and local shelter-in-place orders are lifted to protect the health of our staff and to do our part to reduce the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19.
  • Resolving air quality complaints is an important objective of Air District staff and we are available 24/7 at 1-800-334-ODOR (6367).
  • The public information line is also available to answer questions and provide information at 415-749-4900.


Are facilities still operating during the shutdown?
Each facility is using their own discretion as to whether they are conducting their normal operations during this time. Facilities must continue to follow all air quality regulations and permit requirements.

To what extent are Air District inspections conducting inspections of facilities in vulnerable neighborhoods?
Air District inspectors are conducting facility inspections.

If inspections are happening, are tickets still being issued?

Are any special exemptions being allowed?
Not at this time.

How has air quality been affected due to the shutdown?
Air quality has been good throughout the Bay Area during the shelter-in-place, with low concentrations of PM2.5 and ozone. Weather is a major factor in our good air quality right now. Unsettled weather with wind and rain has helped disperse pollutants. There is also a significant reduction in the number of cars and trucks on Bay Area roads. Transportation is the #1 source of pollution in the region, so significant traffic reduction will result in reduced emissions.

Board, Committee, and Other Air District Meetings

Governor Newsom has issued executive orders that relax Brown Act provisions for local agencies to facilitate remote participation in public meetings. To continue the essential work of the Air District, Board and Committee meetings will be webcast from remote locations.

Public Comments / Questions

  • Our 375 Beale Street office is closed. All public comments and questions should be submitted to: 
  • Members of the public will have multiple opportunities to comment or ask questions via email throughout the meeting.
  • Comments or questions of 250 words or less before the agenda item discussion ends are recommended. 

Expedited Permit Support for Businesses Aiding COVID-19 Response

The Air District’s Engineering staff will prioritize and expedite permits for businesses and organizations changing or repurposing operations to aid in the public health response to COVID-19.

Public Health Agencies

View a list of national, state, and local health agencies.

Remote Work Policy Clearinghouse Page

Remote work policies and practices can help maintain air quality progress in the Bay Area by reducing traffic, air pollution, and climate impacts. The Air District's Remote Work Policy Clearinghouse web page includes a complete remote work toolkit, featuring resources and guidance, model teleworking agreements, and information on equity considerations and ergonomics.

Last Updated: 2/3/2021