Thursday, June 30, 2022

Sharon Landers, interim executive officer of the Air District, has offered a statement about the Supreme Court's decision today that limits the U.S. EPA's authority to regulate carbon emissions.

Spare the Air Status

"Today’s West Virginia vs. EPA Supreme Court decision, which limits the EPA’s authority to regulate carbon emissions, comes at a time when climate change impacts are increasingly felt and obvious to all. An ‘all hands on deck’ approach is critical to help solve the climate crisis, and today’s Supreme Court decision is an unnecessary hurdle that delays much-needed progress. This decision significantly threatens regulations that address coal power plant emissions.  Emissions from the power sector and other fossil fuel emissions contribute to a deteriorating global climate, leading to more extreme weather, catastrophic wildfires, harmful air pollution and public health impacts. In response to this ill-considered decision, the Air District will work with the EPA to pursue effective methodologies to reduce carbon emissions from the power sector that benefit the global climate and Bay Area communities. We will also increase our efforts to work with local communities in our combined pursuit of significant and impactful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, leading to a better, healthier and thriving Bay Area for all."

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Last Updated: 6/30/2022