Wednesday, March 22, 2023

The Air District announced today that it has successfully secured a Termination and Closure Agreement with Recology San Francisco, terminating operations at its Bayview Hunters Point inert-debris-crushing site.

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This action will require Recology to fully vacate the site by the end of the year and comply with additional dust control provisions. This agreement also resolves an outstanding Notice of Violation for missing a permit deadline.

“The Air District has taken decisive action to forge an agreement with Recology to suspend operations in Bayview Hunters Point that are in clear violation of our rules,” said Dr. Philip Fine, executive officer of the Air District. “This move is a clear demonstration of the Air District's commitment to protect the health and well-being of Bayview Hunters Point residents.”

Recology had operated a facility at Pier 94, Lot 352 in San Francisco, that crushed inert debris, such as construction and demolition materials, for the purpose of rendering those materials suitable for recycling and reuse.

This agreement sets the terms of the closure, resolves the NOV and requires the company to comply with dust control measures that are even more stringent than those required by Air District regulations. The agreement also stipulates quickly escalating penalties, if Recology does not vacate the site by December 31, 2023.

The dust control measures to be enforced while all materials are transported off-site include watering of debris piles, immediate coverage by tarp of end-dump trailers when filled, a traffic speed limitation of five miles per hour on site, limited on-site travel lanes, and stabilizing of inbound and outbound roadways to allow for cleaning truck tires and to prevent fugitive dust emissions from wheels.

A metal rumble rack will be utilized to shake dust off truck tires and prevent track out, and a water truck will keep driving surfaces moist. A sweeper truck will also be employed for several hours a day, Monday through Friday, along the main travel corridors.

The Air District will enforce strict limits on visible dust emissions and will require additional measures to be implemented should the facility incur public nuisance violations during the debris removal process.

The Air District issues Notices of Violation when facilities violate a specific air quality regulation or rule. Violators are generally required to respond to the notice within 10 days and submit a description of the actions they will take to correct the problem. These actions can include shutting down certain operations immediately or changing operations or equipment to come into compliance.

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Last Updated: 3/22/2023