Thursday, July 13, 2023

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is issuing the second Spare the Air Alert for smog on Friday, July 14, 2023. Air quality is forecast to be unhealthy tomorrow, Friday, July 14. Hot inland temperatures, along with motor vehicle exhaust, will create elevated concentrations of ozone, or smog.

Spare the Air Status

“Hot temperatures combined with traffic exhaust from millions of vehicles on Bay Area roads are expected to cause unhealthy air quality,” said Dr. Philip Fine, executive officer of the Air District. “We can help keep our air healthier by finding alternatives to driving alone, such as taking transit, biking or walking.”

Spare the Air Alerts are issued when ozone pollution is forecast to reach unhealthy levels. Ozone can cause throat irritation, congestion and chest pain. It can trigger asthma, inflame the lining of the lungs and worsen bronchitis and emphysema. Long-term exposure can reduce lung function. Ozone pollution is particularly harmful for young children, seniors and those with respiratory and heart conditions. When a Spare the Air Alert is issued, outdoor exercise should be undertaken only in the early morning hours when ozone concentrations are lower.

To find out when a Spare the Air Alert is in effect, residents can register for email AirAlerts at, call 1(800) HELP-AIR, download the Spare the Air App or connect with Spare the Air on Facebook or Twitter.

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Last Updated: 7/13/2023