Tuesday, October 03, 2023

The Air District announced today that it has successfully secured a Closure Plan and Agreement with Martin Marietta, terminating operations at its Bayview Hunters Point sand and aggregate processing site at Pier 94. This action will require Martin Marietta to cease all sand and aggregate processing operations by October 31, 2023, and comply with dust control provisions until it vacates the site. 

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The Air District is also seeking a conditional abatement order for a second Martin Marietta site at Pier 92 with the agency’s independent Hearing Board. If granted, the facility will have a deadline to comply with permitting requirements or the facility will be prohibited from operating. The facility will also be required to comply with interim operating conditions that minimize dust emissions and potential health impacts to those living in the surrounding community.

The sand processing plant at Pier 92 began operating under a certificate of exemption, but it lost the exemption several years ago when it was owned by Martin Marietta's predecessor Lehigh Hanson. It has since been operating in violation of the Air District’s requirement to have a permit to operate. Several factors, including continuous changes to the permit application have delayed processing the application. Martin Marietta acquired the facility in October 2021. The matter will be heard in front of the Air District’s independent Hearing Board.

This closure agreement sets the terms of the closure and requires the company to comply with dust control measures until it vacates the site. The enforceable dust control measures include watering stockpiles, a traffic speed limitation of 10 miles per hour on site, limited on-site travel lanes, and stabilizing of inbound and outbound roadways to prevent dust emissions from roadways.

A wheel wash station will be employed to clean truck tires and prevent dust emissions. A sweeper truck will also be employed for several hours a day during operations along the main roadways.

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Last Updated: 10/3/2023