Air Pollution and Community Asset Mapping Project

Updated 9/20/2023

Help provide your input to shape our understanding of air pollution and the strategies that will help improve the Richmond-North Richmond-San Pablo area.

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The Air District is co-developing a Community Emission Reduction Plan with local community leaders and stakeholders for the Richmond - North Richmond - San Pablo area, referred to as the "Path to Clean Air" plan. The purpose of the Path to Clean Air project is to develop community-led strategies to reduce harmful air pollution that impacts people where they live, work, play, and pray.

Your input is critical to helping us understand the air pollution concerns that are most important to you and your community. We are using the Social Pinpoint mapping tool to collect community input that will help inform strategies to reduce air pollution and protect public health, especially in those communities most at risk from poor air quality. The Air District is placing an emphasis on outreach and engagement with community members in underrepresented or historically underserved areas. This is your opportunity to provide us with information based on your lived experience in the Path to Clean Air Richmond - North Richmond - San Pablo area.

The goal of this project is to inform efforts to reduce air pollution emissions and exposure and in turn improve community health in the Path to Clean Air Richmond - North Richmond - San Pablo area. This is a community-led process and your knowledge of history and local conditions is critical to directing our efforts to improve community health.

There are three categories of information that you can add to this map:

Air Pollution Concerns: Air pollution from buildings, industry, trains, trucks, ships, etc.

Locations Where People Gather: Places where people gather – especially seniors, young people, or community members with increased health risks.

Community Strengths and Resources: Locations which represent the creativity, culture, history, heritage, and strength of the community.

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Last Updated: 9/20/2023