East Oakland Community Emissions Reduction Plan

Learn about the Air District’s efforts under Assembly Bill AB 617 to improve air quality in the East Oakland community.

The Air District is continuing existing efforts to reduce air pollution and exposures in impacted communities through the state’s Community Air Protection Program, also known as Assembly Bill 617. This effort focuses on community-based emissions reductions in neighborhoods most disproportionately impacted by air pollution.

In February 2022, the California Air Resources Board voted in support of the Air District's partnering with the East Oakland community to conduct a Community Emissions Reduction Plan, or CERP, process. The community-based steering committee is responsible for developing a CERP, which will serve as a blueprint for improving air quality in East Oakland.

Why East Oakland?

East Oakland was selected amongst high priority communities in the Bay Area due to longstanding air quality challenges, environmental justice issues, and health inequities. East Oakland organizations have partnered with the Air District to build community capacity, increase understanding of local air pollution and environmental justice issues, and bring together cross-agency partnerships necessary for improving environmental health and local air quality improvement.

The Air District is partnering with Communities for a Better Environment and other community-based organizations to create a community-based Steering Committee to develop the East Oakland AB 617 Community Emissions Reduction Plan. The purpose of the CERP is to develop community-led strategies to reduce harmful air pollution that impacts people where they live, work, play, and pray.

East Oakland Community Mapping Project

The Air District launched the East Oakland Community Mapping Project in September 2023 to gather information to help us understand the air pollution concerns that are most important to the community. East Oakland community members were able to visit the East Oakland Community Map online and add information that will help inform strategies to reduce air pollution and protect public health in East Oakland. There were three categories of information that community members could add to the map:

Air Pollution Concerns: Air pollution from buildings, industry, trains, trucks, ships, etc.

Locations Where People Gather: Places where people gather – especially seniors, young people, or community members with increased health risks.

Community Strengths and Resources: Locations which represent the creativity, culture, history, heritage, and strength of the community.

Please visit the East Oakland Community Map online to review the information collected.

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