Air Quality Complaint Program

Learn about the Air District's complaint program and investigation process.

Members of the public are often the first to become aware of air pollution events and emissions that impact air quality and public health. Odors, smoke, dust, and particulates from a variety of commercial, manufacturing, and industrial operations, portable equipment and mobile sources, and residential activities have the potential to generate air emissions.

All complaints from the public are investigated to determine if violations of air quality regulations have occurred and to ensure that steps to mitigate and resolve air emissions are taken.

Learn about the Air District's Complaint Policy and Procedures and how we investigate air pollution concerns to ensure compliance with air quality rules and regulations.

Air Quality Complaint Program Informational Videos

If you have a general air quality inquiry or questions about the Air District’s Complaint Program and our Complaint Policies and Procedures, please contact us at the phone number in the blue box below.

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Last Updated: 2/18/2021