Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Building on decades of reducing health risk and championing breathing equity for its most vulnerable communities, the Air District is reporting that industries are taking early actions to reduce their health impacts on local residents as part of the implementation of the nation’s most stringent toxic air pollution regulation. 

Spare the Air Status

The Air District’s Regulation 11-18 imposes lower toxic air pollution standards that require existing facilities to take all necessary measures to reduce health and cancer risks in surrounding communities. The Air District assesses local health risk using models that incorporate cutting-edge science from the State of California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment on the impacts of toxic air pollution on people living and working nearby.

The adoption of Regulation 11-18 is already resulting in reduced emissions of toxic air contaminants at facilities through preemptive risk reduction projects including emissions inventory correction and validation, process changes and abatement measures.

The Air District will initiate health risk assessments for the majority of facilities with the potential for the most toxic air pollution impacts by fall of this year, with the remaining facilities being completed in the subsequent 12 months.

The Air District is seeking public comment on major facility health risk assessments which have begun as part of Air District Regulation 11-18. The health risk assessment report and staff contact information is available on the Air District's Rule 11-18 Risk Reduction Facilities web page.

The Irvington Memorial Cemetery located at 41001 Chapel Way in Fremont, CA 94538, will be the first facility for which a health risk assessment will be posted for public comment under Air District Regulation 11-18.

The public will have 45 days to provide comments on the health risk assessment. Comments can be provided online, emailed to the Air District contact, or submitted in writing. The Air District will respond to all comments before finalizing the report.

The final HRA report will be posted to the web table. If health risks exceed a risk action level, the facility will be required to submit a risk reduction plan within six months of the final HRA decision. The Air District will review and approve the risk reduction plans, and the public will have an opportunity to comment on the risk reduction plans before they are finalized.

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Last Updated: 6/17/2020