Flare Causal Reports

View Flare Causal Analysis Reports for flaring activity at Bay Area refineries.

The Flare Causal Analysis Reports on this web page must be submitted to the Air District by the refinery within 60 days following the end of the month in which a reportable flaring event has occurred, as required under Air District Regulation 12, Rule 12. A reportable flaring event is defined in Rule 12-12, Section 208, as, “any flaring where more than 500,000 standard cubic feet per calendar day of vent gas is flared or where sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions are greater than 500 pounds per day....”

The Flare Causal Reports will be posted to this web page soon after receipt and are subject to revision following staff investigation and review. The table below will be updated accordingly when revised reports are received by the Air District.

Flare Causal Reports prior to 2019 are available through a Public Records request.

Note: These are the public versions of the Flare Causal Analysis Reports and confidential trade secret information has been redacted from a few reports.

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