Clean Air Filtration Program

The Air District’s Clean Air Filtration Program aims to provide access to high efficiency air filtration to help those who are most vulnerable to wildfire smoke and air pollution. This page provides a comprehensive look at all ongoing and upcoming Air District partnerships and efforts to reduce health impacts from wildfire smoke and improve health equity across the Bay Area.

Home Air Filtration Program

The Air District has several projects that provide home air filtration units to individuals most vulnerable to wildfire smoke and air pollution. The Air District is partnering with Local Health Centers and Bay Area members of the California Asthma Mitigation Project to distribute home air filtration units to low-income individuals who have been diagnosed with asthma or other respiratory conditions. The Air District is also partnering with our James Cary Smith Community Grant Program Grantees  to distribute home air filtration units to residents of impacted communities.

Learn more about the Air District’s Home Air Filtration Program and Projects.

Partnerships with County Offices of Emergency Services

The Air District is providing heavy-duty portable air filtration units to regional emergency management authorities in the Bay Area to help communities prepare for wildfire smoke episodes that has have the potential to impact air quality for consecutive days. These units will be deployed to sheltering and evacuation centers and indoor congregate facilities such as schools, libraries, and community centers.

Wildfire Smoke Clean Air Centers for Vulnerable Populations Incentive Pilot Program (Assembly Bill 836)

In collaboration with the California Air Resources Board, the Air District will be implementing a grant program to establish a network of clean air spaces across the Bay Area. The program will provide funding to retrofit air filtration and ventilation systems and purchase portable air cleaners or replacement air filters to improve indoor air in public buildings located in disadvantaged and smoke-burned communities and those used for the purposes of emergency evacuation and sheltering. More program information will be available in the 4th quarter 2021.

Pilot Program and Partnership with American Red Cross

As part of a two-year pilot project, the Air District is providing the American Red Cross with portable air filtration units to deploy to evacuation centers and sheltering facilities during wildfire disasters that impact the Bay Area. The Red Cross coordinates with local county emergency management officials to open evacuation centers and sheltering facilities and is affiliated with a broad network of facilities across the Bay Area that may open as emergency shelters to serve communities.

Coming Soon! Solicitation for Donations

The Air District will be giving companies the opportunity to help support the Air District’s mission and the Clean Air Filtration Program. A program is being developed to solicit donations of air cleaners through the Bay Area Clean Air Foundation to improve indoor air for the most vulnerable populations impacted by wildfire smoke and sources of air pollution. Check back for more information soon.

School Air Filtration Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP)

In 2018, the Air District installed high-performance air filtration systems in 12 schools in communities disproportionately impacted by air pollution in Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco Counties. This $2 million award came from Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) funding provided by the California Air Resources Board. In 2023, the Air District completed four more elementary schools in Contra Costa County with additional funds from the Air District’s Wildfire Mitigation Reserve.

See the list of schools that received high-performance air filtration systems.


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Clean Air Filtration Program


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Last Updated: 9/29/2021