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Open Burn Notification and Status

Find out how and when open burning is allowed in the Bay Area, what burn types are acceptable, and what the process is for notifying the Air District.


As of May 4, 2020, a CAL FIRE permit is required to perform open burn projects in the unincorporated areas of Sonoma County.

The disposal of waste material in an open, outdoor fire can be a significant source of air pollution. Smoke from open burning contains fine particles, harmful gases, and other toxic byproducts that can be inhaled deep into the lungs. Exposure to these pollutants has been linked to respiratory and heart problems, asthma, and in some cases, premature death. Those most at risk include children, elderly adults, and people with chronic respiratory problems.

Allowed Burning

To reduce the harmful effects of smoke on public health, open burning is banned within the Air District’s boundaries, except for the 17 burn types defined by the Open Burning Regulation.

Much of the legal open burning that goes on in the Bay Area takes place for agricultural or natural resource management reasons.

Each allowable burn type is only permitted during a specific time of year (also known as its permissive burn period), on a designated burn day. The Air District may extend permissive burn periods in some cases. Any proposed burn may also be restricted by local fire or other agencies.

Notification and Fees

The Air District must be notified of all open burns via the notification forms provided in the table below. Mailed notifications must be postmarked at least five calendar days prior to burning. Structural fire training notifications must be postmarked at least 10 business days prior to burning.

Some CAL FIRE regions require a burn permit and burn pile inspection prior to open burning. Contact your local CAL FIRE region for more information.

Qualifying agricultural burn types can avoid open burn fees by having waste material chipped instead of burned through the Agricultural Waste Chipping Program.

Open burn fees can be paid online: 

Open Burn Fees

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Other Open Burn Fees

Prescribed, Marsh, Stubble, Filmmaking and Public Exhibition Fires

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How to Burn

  1. Ensure your burn is one of the 17 allowable burn types and scheduled during its permissive burn period (PDF).
  2. Submit the appropriate open burning notification form and pay applicable fees prior to burning.
  3. Check CAL FIRE and other local burning restrictions.
  4. Subscribe to the Open Burn Status (RSS) feed or call 1.800.792.0787.
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Open Burning Notification FormCompliance & EnforcementOpen Burn Form
Open Burning Notification Form
Compliance & Enforcement
Open Burn Form
Marsh BurnCompliance & EnforcementMarsh Burn Form
Marsh Burn
Compliance & Enforcement
Marsh Burn Form
Prescribed Burn Smoke Management Plan Form and InstructionsCompliance & EnforcementPrescribed Burn Smoke Management Plan Form and Instructions
Prescribed Burn Smoke Management Plan Form and Instructions
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