Health Risk Screening and Modeling

The Health Risk Screening and Modeling section includes links to the Air District's Recommended Methods for Screening and Modeling Local Risks and Hazards and links to other resources to evaluate how air pollution impacts health.

These documents are used to identify the local health effects associated with air pollution.

Recommended Methods for Screening and Modeling Local Risks and Hazards

A detailed guidance on recommended methods for screening and modeling local risks and hazards from land use projects. 

Stationary Source Screening Map
GIS map of all the stationary sources permitted by the Air District with risk and hazard estimates (tool does not estimate acute hazards since these screening levels were found to be significantly below the thresholds). View the Stationary Source Screening Map Instruction Video.

Stationary Source Data Request Form
This form is used to request data from the Stationary Source Screening Map (see above). Follow the instructions on the form to submit the request.

Health Risk Screening Analysis Flow Chart
Outlines screening process for estimating risks and hazards from  projects.

Health Risk Calculator with Distance Multipliers
Estimates screen-level cancer risks, chronic hazard indices, and PM2.5 concentrations using annual emissions data from the Air District's permitting database per Regulation 2, Rule 5 – New Source Review of Toxic Air Contaminants. This tool should only be used for permitted facilities where screening-level risks have not already been calculated by the Air District. This tool should not be used for permitted gas stations. For gas dispensing facilities, please use California Air Resources Board's Gas Station Risk Assessment Screening Tool, which is listed below.

California Air Resource Board Gas Station Risk Assessment Guidance and Tool 
A tool developed by CARB for assessing gas station risk and health impacts.

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