California Environmental Quality Act

Learn about the California Environmental Quality Act and the Air District’s efforts to reduce local air quality and greenhouse gas impacts from proposed projects and plans.

CEQA is California's broadest environmental law. It helps guide the Air District in identifying and minimizing the potential air quality impacts of plans and projects within the Bay Area. CEQA requires the Air District to follow a procedure of analysis and public disclosure of proposed projects, and to reduce or eliminate any related environmental impacts. The Air District prepares CEQA documents for our air quality plans and regulations, and also provides guidance to other public agencies regarding recommended methods for analyzing and reducing air quality impacts.

CEQA Guidelines

The Air District is initiating an update to its thresholds of significance and CEQA Guidelines. Learn about the Air District’s update to the CEQA Guidelines, which help agencies evaluate and minimize air quality impacts from proposed projects and plans.

CEQA Comment Letters

View letters sent to local cities and counties by the Air District commenting on a project’s air quality analysis.

CEQA Tools

Access tools, resources, and documents that help agencies analyze local, regional and global air quality impacts from proposed projects and plans.

CEQA Meetings and Training

View information about past and upcoming meetings and free training sessions regarding the California Environmental Quality Act.

Community Risk Reduction Plans

View plans developed by the Air District and Bay Area communities to reduce local air quality risks and hazards.

Spare the Air Status

Last Updated: 6/20/2019