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Updated 9/20/2023

Learn about the Air District's efforts with community leaders from Richmond, North Richmond, and San Pablo to develop a Community Air Monitoring Plan.

Community Air Monitoring Plan

One key component of the Air District's Community Health Protection Program is implementation of community air monitoring plans in neighborhoods most disproportionately impacted by air pollution. Data collected from these monitoring plans will inform future community-based emissions reduction plans. 

The California Air Resources Board selected The Richmond Area as a priority community for monitoring plan development, based on a recommendation from the Air District. This plan will serve as a model for future efforts as the program grows over time.

Path to Clean Air: Richmond-San Pablo Community Air Monitoring Plan

Air Monitoring Reference Guides

  • Air Toxics Monitoring Study
    This StoryMap shows results from an air toxics monitoring study using the Air District’s air monitoring van to measure how levels of certain pollutants vary from place to place.

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