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William Goodwin

William Goodwin

William Goodwin is a Community Advocate, who understands the intersectionality between Environmental Justice, Health Equity, and Housing. His lived experience has propelled him to volunteer in Bay Area communities, helping to empower residents to advocate for services and resources that lift communities out of poverty. He believes that Community Input is imperative to creating a living environment that is representative and accountable to those who are most impacted by public policy; learning how systems work through civic engagement is what produces desired outcomes, and is essential in learning how underrepresented families can integrate into a free and thriving society.

As a member of the Air District Community Advisory Council he brings a penchant for understanding the effects of Climate Change on our oceans, atmosphere, food supplies, and open spaces. He believes this is paramount as it relates to vulnerable populations.

He has partnered with a number of non-profit organizations throughout the Bay Area, to help accelerate the social and economic mobility of underserved families. He is a graduate of the Board and Commissions Leadership Institute (Urban Habitat), and serves as a Board Member with East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO).

His advocacy work has allowed him to participate in several areas of interest; including the Pittsburg Unified School District (Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee), Family independence Initiative (Community Advisor- Social Capital), Hope Solutions- Resident Empowerment Program (Housing Justice), and the Center for Human Development (East County Community Leaders Network), to name a few.

As a single father, he understands the sacrifices families make, and is determined to help create safer and healthier communities; by adopting policies that result in outcomes for clean industry, clean air, less traffic, and the ability to utilize green public transportation (as public transportation is good for our environment and open spaces, and offers good paying jobs to the community).

He brings a passion and determination to his work; always keeping in mind those whose voices are left out of the conversation. 

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