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Arieann Harrison

Arieann Harrison

Arieann Harrison is the Founder and CEO of The Marie Harrison Community Foundation, Inc, for social and environmental justice in San Francisco's District 10, Bay View/Hunters Point area, which is the second largest Superfund in the U.S.

Arieann is a resident, community leader, and advocate for social and environmental justice for long-term residents who have suffered from high rates of cancer and respiratory illness caused by over 300 documented toxic sites located in the Bay View, like the PG&E, Recology (waste management), and San Francisco's sewage treatment plant, and the retired U.S. Navy's shipyard (home of the atomic bomb­, where residents worked cleaning ships full of toxic and radioactive contamination left to seep into the soil and contaminate the air during clean-up for new housing.).

Arieann is working to educate and mobilize residents with solution-based tools to not only improve generational health problems brought on by long-term systemic social, economic, and environmental injustice, but also to find and use scientific and engineering long-term solutions to combat climate change, with transparent accountability to the community.

"You can't have environmental justice without social and economic equity."
#CanWeLlve Coalition

Arieann focuses on the science of the impact of historical genocide on residents in disenfranchised communities in the Bay View by systemic racial and economic injustice, as well as the move toward displacement of community residents still fighting to be heard by gentrification.

Executive Director, Marie Harrison Community Foundation Inc,
founded Oct. 2020, San Francisco, CA - Working with community partners and government agencies in delivering services to program participants. Oversaw and managed all aspects of organizational operations, serving as chief agency spokesperson, directing media interactions and public relations. Created smooth-functioning environment to ensure efficiency of operations. Speaker on behalf of the Marie Harrison Community Foundation Inc with city agencies, community partners, and general public to handle social-economic, and environmental justice needs. Marie Harrison Community Foundation Academic Scholarship. Community Pollution Patrol Network- Pro-active response to community environmental impact from CalEPA, and the Hunters Point Community Biomonitoring Organization. Solutions for Women (Co-Founder). Independent Contractor, San Francisco Bay Area Air District, since Jan 2020, community outreach and engagement for environmental justice. Hope House for Veterans. United Council of Human Services, since 2006 - Advertising and community input liaison. HARTS Program - Homeless Student Union Advisory Group, CCSF. VISPADAT - Homeless veterans initiative to protect the health of the Bay View/ Hunter's Point.

Community Advocacy and Engagement
Cultural Competency, Alcohol and Drug Studies, Post Prison, Walk Against Rape, Veterans Lions Club, Bikes for Veterans, Diversity Training, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination, Equal Work for Equal Pay, Environmental Justice, San Francisco AIDS Foundation (LGBTQ), Positive Directions, San Francisco Downtown Clinic, Green Action For Environmental Justice, Bay Area Air Quality Management, San Francisco Bay Area Community Clean Up Project, Sisters for Heart Health, Covid Community Response and Outreach Team.

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