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Mayra Pelagio

Mayra Pelagio

Mayra Pelagio is the Executive Director for Latinos United for a New America (LUNA) and works to enhance the organization's mission to help Latino immigrants take positive action to address challenges that affect their daily lives. Prior to joining LUNA, Mayra focused her time and energy on creating connections between individuals, the earth, and the land by bringing immigrant communities outdoors on hiking and camping trips.

As an activist, Mayra grasped the power of unity, and after completing a fellowship for immigrant justice with the UCLA labor center, Mayra worked as a community organizer where she learned and harnessed the power of organizing. Mayra was born and raised in Penjamo, Guanajuato, and at the age of 13 she set roots in East San Jose with her family.

Mayra holds a B.S in Environmental Science and Management from UC Davis and is working on completing an M.S in Environmental Studies at San Jose State University.

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