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Violet Wulf-Saena

Violet Wulf-Saena

Violet Wulf-Saena has served as an international climate change expert for over 10 years and has worked with various groups in the least Developed Countries and the Small Island States to protect communities from the impacts of climate change. Violet’s dedication to elevating community leadership and response to environmental justice is rooted in her lived experiences in the South Pacific. She now works in the Bay Area in partnership with the government sector, research institutions, and community-based organizations, building community capacity to respond to climate change and sea-level rise.

While completing her master’s degree at Duke University, Violet began working with Acterra, building collaboration and partnerships with communities to raise awareness about the importance of a collaborative approach to adaptation and mainstreaming community leads solutions. In 2020, she founded and led Climate Resilient Communities, an organization that supports under-resourced communities of color at the frontline of climate change and sea-level rise. She lives in Sunnyvale with her husband and two kids. 

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