Goods Movement Trucks

Replace or repower heavy-duty diesel-fueled trucks or install charging & fueling infrastructure with funding from the Goods Movement Program. This program aims to reduce air pollution from equipment primarily moving freight and commercial goods along California’s major trade routes.

Year 5/6 Goods Movement Program – Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks

The solicitation is currently closed. The Air District accepted Goods Movement Program truck project applications until June 16, 2022, for projects to replace or repower existing commercial diesel-fueled trucks with new alternative-fueled equipment, install charging and fueling infrastructure, or install truck-stop electrification with grant funding. Please sign up on the Carl Moyer Notification List at the bottom of the page for notification of future Goods Movement Program and Carl Moyer Program equipment grant solicitations. 

Project Types

The following projects were eligible for funding under this program:

  • Equipment/vehicle replacement - replace freight-hauling diesel trucks (class 5-8, medium-duty and heavy-duty engine cycles only) with the cleanest available equipment
  • Engine repower (small fleets only) - repower diesel truck engine with 2021 or newer zero-emissions or alternatively fueled engine
  • Truck stop electrification - install electric infrastructure to reduce diesel engine idling where trucks congregate
  • Charging and fueling infrastructure - install electric charging or hydrogen fueling infrastructure for trucks 

Funding Levels

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*New equipment only. New is defined as not used or previously-owned.
**Small fleets with 3 or fewer trucks only.


Heavy-duty diesel trucks

  • Primarily hauls commercial freight, bulk, or goods for sale or for purchase on the major CA trade corridor routes (map) and at least 10 percent of annual operations are in the Bay Area trade corridor (applicants may be asked to document truck vocation and usage history)
  • Existing engine is medium heavy-duty (MHD) or heavy heavy-duty (HHD) and manufactured in 2009 or earlier. Light heavy-duty (LHD) engine for class 5 truck may be considered. 
  • Has a manufacturer-rated Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 16,001 lbs or heavier
  • Has traveled a minimum of 20,000 miles/year (for class 7-8 trucks) or a minimum of 10,000 miles/year (for class 5-6 trucks) with at least 75 percent of its operations inside California for each of the past two years
  • Has been registered with CA-based DMV or CA-based apportioned (IRP) for the past two years
  • Truck and fleet currently complies with the California Truck and Bus Regulation 

Electric-charging or hydrogen-fueling infrastructure

  • Equipment owner must replace one or more diesel-fueled trucks in their fleet with trucks powered by the fuel type matching the charging or fueling infrastructure installed for the project
  • Applicant must meet required legal, permitting, and engineering requirements for installation

Truck stop electrification infrastructure

  • Equipment must be installed at a truck stop, intermodal facility, or distribution center within the four CA trade corridors
  • Applicant must meet required legal, permitting, and engineering requirements for installation

How to Apply

  • The program is currently closed and not accepting applications. If you have previously submitted an application prior to the June 16 deadline, you can check the status of your application by logging into the application portal below.

    Goods Movement Truck Program Application Portal

    Online Truck Project Application User’s Guide

    Additional Information

    Certified Truck Dealers

    View a list of Air District certified truck dealers. Certified vendors have a contract with the Air District to inspect your old truck and sell you a new/used truck that will be compliant with California truck regulations. The Air District recommends, but does not require, the use of an Air District certified truck dealer.

    Certified Truck Dismantlers

    View a list of Air District certified dismantlers. Certified dismantlers have a contract with the Air District to conduct required inspections and complete & submit required paperwork for the GMERP program. The Air District requires the use of an Air District certified dismantler. If you wish to use a dismantler not found on this list, please contact our office to discuss. 

    Year 5 Preliminary Ranklists: Truck Solicitations 2016-2021

    Year 5 funds opened in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2020. Year 5 preliminary ranklists for closed solicitation periods are posted below.

    Equipment shown on the preliminary ranklist has met basic eligibility criteria for the program. However, appearance on the ranklist does not guarantee that equipment will receive program funding; applicants must complete further steps in order to receive funding. 

    Regulatory compliance - Program eligibility assumes that a truck and the fleet are already compliant at the time the owner applies for a grant. If staff notify applicants that their projects cannot be funded due to regulatory non-compliance, owners must work with CARB TRUCRS staff to correct fleet reporting problems. If compliance issues cannot be resolved with CARB, the fleet is not eligible for YR5/6 Goods Movement Program funding.

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