Vehicle Buy Back Program

1998 and older vehicles are eligible! Get paid $1,500 to turn in your working older car or small truck for scrapping. This program reduces air pollution in the Bay Area by taking older vehicles off the road.

The Vehicle Buy Back Program is a voluntary program that takes older, high-polluting vehicles off the road that would otherwise likely remain in operation. Eligible vehicles 1998 or older will be purchased and scrapped by approved Air District dismantlers, Environmental Engineering Studies and Pick-n-Pull. If your vehicle meets all program requirements, the dismantler will buy and scrap your vehicle and provide you with a $1,500 check.

The vehicle must

  • Be currently registered as operable and be in operating condition
  • Have been registered as operable in the Bay Area for the past 2 years
  • Pass a Smog Check if within 60 days of a required Smog Check

The Air District maintains a Vehicle Inventory for classic car collectors or others interested in purchasing 1998 and older vehicles or their parts that are intended for scrapping under this program. In accordance with Title 13, CCR, Chapter 13, Article 1, Section 2605, vehicles submitted to the program will be listed and available for interested parties to purchase from the dismantler for a minimum of 10 days. You may also call one of the Vehicle Dismantlers for an inventory of vehicles available for purchase.

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Last Updated: 7/2/2024