Program Overview

Learn about the steps you can take to receive funding to install or deploy clean air centers.

Clean Air Center Application Process

County agencies may submit an application to verify eligibility. If your application is approved, funding will be reimbursed once projects are complete. Three types of projects are eligible under this program:

  1. Facility Ventilation Upgrade
  2. Portable Air Cleaner
  3. Air Filter Replacement

Applicant must be a county-level public agency that either owns the property where the Clean Air Center will be installed or that can provide evidence (e.g. lease agreement) from the property owner showing that the applicant is allowed to install and operate a Clean Air Center. The county should coordinate with cities and communities to determine locations that will best serve the community.

1. Pre-Screening (Optional)
Air District evaluates optional pre-screening application and pre-approves proposed facility upgrades.
2. Application per Project type
- Application per facility upgrade
- One application for portable air cleaners
- One application for air filter replacements
3. Evaluation
Air District reviews application for eligibility and completeness.
4. Installation / Reimbursement
Max 24 months to complete installation. Reimbursement within 60 days of installation.
5. Operations
Minimum 5-year operation and maintenance of Clean Air Center required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the funding earmarked per county exclude the $100k the county is receiving from the Wildfire Preparedness Program?

Yes, the Clean Air Center funding excludes the $100K from the Wildfire Preparedness Program. Clean Air Centers is its own separate program.

Assuming it is separate funding, may the Clean Air Center funds be used to purchase filters for units bought through the Wildfire Preparedness Program agreement?

Yes, funds can go towards purchasing air filter replacements for units bought through the Wildfire Preparedness Program.

Can the funds be used for a consultant to oversee the unit distribution, maintenance, and grant reporting?

Funds do not cover administrative costs. It does cover maintenance for facility upgrades and portable air cleaners.

Can a department other than OES can submit the county’s application.

Yes, however both departments should coordinate who will oversee the funds as only one application is being accepted per county.

On the chance that there is more interest from city partners than the allocated fund amount, should applicants try and triage those down into the final application or does the Air District want to see all the requests from across jurisdiction?

We recommend that applicants list all requests in order of priority. Any unused funds will be redistributed based on counties who have additional projects.

Who is responsible for lost or stolen portable air cleaners?

Grantees are required to obtain and maintain property insurance coverage for the duration of their Project’s Term in an amount of not less than the insurable value of Project equipment funded under the Agreement, and covering all risks of loss, damage, and destruction of such equipment.

How is the success of the program being measured?

We are measuring success by the deployment and usage of Clean Air Centers.

Is there a pilot for measuring health benefits of the program?

No, there is not a pilot to measure health benefits of the program. However, there is no restriction for a governmental health agency to run a health study.

Can Clean Air Centers be open year-round?

Because the grant does not cover operational costs, this would be up to the county or city. However, the program is a pilot, and we can provide this feedback to the legislator for future funding.

If a city or Community Based Organization wants to use some of the funds to upgrade an HVAC system in an eligible facility, would they need to submit invoices for that work once it is completed and paid and then be reimbursed?

Yes. The city or community-based organization would have to fund the up-front costs and then be reimbursed. This is for facility upgrades and air filter replacements. For portable air cleaners, you have the option of sending the Air District a list of the units to be purchased from this list and we would order and ship them under our bulk pricing agreement with the vendor. In this scenario, there are no up-front costs.

Are places of worship eligible?

No, places of worship are not eligible.

Can Community Based Organizations apply for funding?

Yes, community Based Organizations are eligible to partner with the county to apply for funding.

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