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The Carl Moyer Program Year 22 Cycle is currently closed. Check back soon to learn about grant funding opportunities for upgrading or replacing heavy-duty vehicles and equipment.


The Carl Moyer Program closed on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, and is not accepting new applications. Complete applications that were submitted prior to midnight (Pacific Daylight Time) on May 18 will be evaluated for eligibility. 

The Year 23 Funding Cycle is anticipated to begin accepting new applications when the program opens in Summer 2022. Please sign up for the Carl Moyer Notification List on this web page to receive timely email alerts or check back on this web page for program updates. 


Carl Moyer Program Application Portal
The online application portal is currently not accepting new applications. Applicants who submitted applications prior to May 18 can continue to access their application through the portal

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The Air District accepted applications for the Carl Moyer Program (CMP) Year 22 application cycle from October 1, 2020, to May 18, 2022.

The upcoming Year 23 application cycle will offer grants for projects throughout the Bay Area that would reduce toxic air emissions and ozone-forming pollutants from older diesel engines.

Priority will be given to projects that expedite emissions reductions in the Bay Area's priority communities, including AB 617 communities listed below.

  • West Oakland
  • Richmond-San Pablo
  • East Oakland/ San Leandro
  • Eastern San Francisco
  • Pittsburg-Bay Point area
  • San Jose
  • Tri-Valley area
  • Vallejo 

Project Types

The Year 23 funding cycle will offer funding for the following project types:

  • Equipment/Vehicle replacement - replace an old vehicle or piece of equipment with the cleanest available vehicle or equipment.
  • Engine replacement (repower) - replace an old engine with a new, emission-certified engine.
  • Power system conversion – convert existing equipment to operate on electric or hybrid power.
  • Battery charging and fueling infrastructure - install infrastructure to charge or fuel new, funded equipment. Infrastructure only projects may be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Eligible Equipment

Visit the following pages for equipment-specific funding opportunities:

Zero-emissions projects are highly encouraged. Public and private entities that own a variety of equipment types are encouraged to apply in each category, particularly if fueling or charging infrastructure will be included in the application.  

Program Documents & Information

Previously Approved Projects

Workshops and Events

On December 17, 2020, staff held a Carl Moyer Grant Program Overview webinar and provided an overview on the Carl Moyer Program and Community Air Protection Program.

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