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Updated 9/30/2022

Air District funding is available to replace existing diesel engines in marine vessels with lower-emission technology. Funding is also available for installation of ship-side charging infrastructure and shore power infrastructure for zero-emission vessels.

New 9/30/2022

How to Apply

The Commercial Harbor Craft (CHC) Regulation adopted on March 24, 2022, significantly reduced the funding opportunities for marine vessel repower projects. At a minimum, these requirements must be met for a project to be eligible:

  • The vessel must be compliant and must remain in compliance with this rule to be eligible for funding.
  • The project must be capable of achieving at least three years of surplus emission reductions under the revised CHC regulation to be eligible to apply. Projects with less than three years of surplus emissions reductions are not currently eligible.

If the California Air Resources Board announces changes to the requirements for this funding category, we will update this web page.

Visit our Apply for Funding web page to apply. There are multiple funding sources available for marine projects. After you submit an application, our team will review your proposal and determine whether your project is a match for any of our funding sources.

Eligible Vessels

Funding is available for the following commercial marine vessels regulated under California’s Commercial Harbor Craft Regulation:

  • Charter fishing boats
  • Commercial fishing boats
  • Pilot boats
  • Work boats
  • Research boats
  • Barges
  • Crew and supply vessels
  • Dredges
  • Tour boats
  • Ferries
  • Tugboats and towboats

Recreational vessels are not eligible for funding.

Eligible Project Types

  • Engine replacement (aka vessel repower): replace a vessel’s engine with the cleanest available emission-certified engine
  • Remanufacture kit: install an engine remanufacture kit that reduces the engine’s emissions
  • Hybrid system: install an EPA-verified hybrid system
  • Zero-emission replacement: replace a vessel’s engine with zero-emission equipment
  • Engine retrofit: install a CARB-verified diesel emission control strategy device (case-by-case approval required)
  • Vessel replacement: replace a vessel with a new Tier 4-or-cleaner vessel (case-by-case approval required)
  • Exhaust capture and control system: install an EPA-verified marine vessel exhaust capture and control system (case-by-case approval required)
  • Shore power: install ship-side and/or shore-side charging infrastructure to enable shore-power connection (case-by-case approval required)

Key Eligibility Criteria

  • Vessels and fleets must currently be in compliance with all air quality regulations.
  • Vessels and equipment must operate within California Coastal Water Boundaries and the Air District’s jurisdiction. Goods Movement projects must primarily be used to move commercial freight, bulk, or goods for sale or for purchase along California’s trade corridors.
  • Applicants must provide records documenting equipment ownership and usage.
  • Shore-power and emission-capture applications must demonstrate that the project will result in emissions reductions that are surplus to the requirements of California air quality regulations pertaining to ports operations and at-berth engines.

Please contact us for additional information about project requirements and eligibility criteria.  If you have a project that may not meet all eligibility criteria, please contact us to discuss it.

Funding Sources

The following programs can fund marine projects. If you prefer a particular funding source, please note that in your application.

Unless otherwise noted, applicants do not need to apply under a specific funding source. After submission of an application, staff will review and match your project with an appropriate funding source.

Rules and Regulations

Learn more about the CARB Harbor Craft regulation or contact California Air Resources Board staff by email: or phone: 1-888-442-7238.

For information about the CARB Shore-Power regulation and other marine-related regulation, visit the CARB Ports Activities web page

Workshops and Events

Visit our Apply for Funding web page to view the latest events and workshops. 

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