Electric Vehicle Coordinating Council

Updated 2/26/2024

Sharing knowledge to accelerate electric vehicle adoption across the Bay Area and beyond.

The Bay Area Electric Vehicle Coordinating Council, or EV Council, is a peer-to-peer forum of diverse stakeholders that meets several times a year, often hosting expert panels to discuss new EV trends, information, and best practices for projects.

Members represent a cross-section of EV stakeholders from all nine Bay Area counties:

  • charging infrastructure and technology companies
  • auto manufacturers
  • city and county staff
  • transit agencies and authorities
  • federal and state government agencies
  • utilities and community choice aggregators
  • interest groups
  • regional entities

Acterra and Cool the Earth facilitate the EV Council.
The facilitators are nonprofits fighting climate change with a combined two decades of experience in the EV sector, offering consumer education and leading in policy advocacy to ensure an equitable transition to clean transportation.

Meeting Calendar

Upcoming meeting times and locations will be posted below.

Meeting links for online or hybrid meetings are in the agendas, posted before each meeting.

Recordings and any additional meeting materials will be added when available.

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Join the EV Council

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The EV Council invites all interested parties including individuals, organizations, and government entities to join in the meetings, actively contribute to discussions, and collectively work towards a sustainable transportation future.

Steering Committee

The EV Council benefits from a steering committee that advises the facilitation team on industry developments and helps shape meeting topics and format. Steering committee members connect with other industry thought leaders and actively contribute to important discussions. Members commit about six hours per year to steering committee meetings. We seek to have a broad representation of sectors on the steering committee.  

Steering Committee Members:

  • Nicole Appenzeller, San Francisco Environment Department, Senior Clean Transportation Specialist
  • Maureen Blanc, Charge Across Town, Executive Director
  • Rachel DiFranco, City of Fremont, Sustainability Manager
  • Denée Evans, City of Richmond, Transportation Services Project Manager
  • Phillip Kobernick, Peninsula Clean Energy, Senior Transportation Programs Manager
  • Sarah Moore, City of Berkeley, Sustainability Program Manager
  • Nicholas Nguyen, TAM, Principal Project Delivery Manager
  • Vivian Rahwanji, Community Housing Development Corporation of North Richmond, Director of Operations
  • Stacey Reineccius, Powertree Services Inc., CEO
  • Jennifer Sajor (Alternate), City of Berkeley, Electric Mobility Coordinator
  • Tessa Sanchez, Tesla, Senior Policy Advisor
  • Gopal Shanker, Récolte Energy, President
  • Heidi Sickler, BP Pulse Fleet, Energy and Environment Senior Associate
  • Zac Thompson, Ava Community Energy, Senior Associate, Energy Resources Program
  • Francesca Wahl (Alternate), Tesla, Senior Charging Policy Manager
  • Brett Wiley (Alternate), Ava Community Energy, Senior Program Associate, Electric Mobility

Acterra Contact Information

If you would like to be considered for the steering committee, please contact the facilitator at EV.Council@acterra.org.

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