Funding Sources

Learn about the Air District’s grant funding sources that reduce air pollution in the Bay Area, as well as about additional funding opportunities from other agencies that are designed to reduce emissions.

Carl Moyer Program

The Carl Moyer Memorial Program provides grants to upgrade or replace heavy-duty diesel vehicles and equipment, including on- and off-road vehicles and equipment, school buses, agricultural equipment, marine vessels, and locomotives.  This program aims to reduce air pollution from these diesel engines operated in California by public and private entities.

Mobile Source Incentive Fund

The Mobile Source Incentive Fund (MSIF) provides grants to public and private sector for projects eligible for the Carl Moyer Program, vehicle scrappage and agricultural assistance programs, and for projects to reduce pollution from school buses.  Fund revenues are collected from a $2 fee on vehicles registered in the Bay Area, and generate about $11 million each year.

Transportation Fund for Clean Air

The Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA) revenues are collected from a $4 surcharge fee on vehicles registered in the Bay Area, generating about $22 million each year, to fund cost-effective projects that reduce on-road motor vehicle emissions within the Air District’s jurisdiction.  Sixty percent (60%) of TFCA funds are awarded by the Air District to eligible projects and programs through a program referred to as the TFCA Regional Fund.   The remaining forty percent (40%) of these revenues are distributed to the designated TFCA 40 Percent Fund in each of the nine counties within the Air District’s jurisdiction for similar emissions reduction projects. 

Goods Movement Program

The Goods Movement Program offers grants to upgrade or replace diesel freight movement equipment within California’s trade corridors, including: trucks, locomotives, harbor craft, cargo handling equipment, and the electrification of ship berths.

Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust

Funding from the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust is available statewide to reduce NOx emissions:

Other Funding Sources

In addition to the primary funding sources identified above, the Air District continues to seek funding opportunities and partners to develop, demonstrate and deploy advanced technologies to reduce mobile source air emissions in the Bay Area.

A number of agencies sponsor additional grant and incentive programs for projects that reduce emissions from mobile sources. These programs are not run by the Air District.

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