Businesses and Fleets

Learn about grant funding for vehicles and infrastructure that improve air quality in the region.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

On-Road Clean Air Vehicles and Infrastructure

The Air District offers funds for the following:

  • Trucks: Funding is available to replace or repower on-road vehicles with newer, lower-emission equipment through our Carl Moyer Program, or the Goods Movement Program.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Funding is available for public agencies and businesses to expand the network of publicly available plug-in electric charging stations at workplaces, multifamily dwelling units, and public locations.
  • Light Duty EVs in fleets: Funding is available to public agencies and businesses for the purchase or lease of zero-emissions light-duty vehicles in very high-mileage fleets.
  • Transit, Shuttle, and School Buses: Funding is available to public agencies and businesses to replace transit, shuttle, and public school buses with zero-emission vehicles and to install charging/fueling infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure: Funding is available to public agencies and businesses to install new, convert existing, or expand existing battery-charging, hydrogen-fueling, and other infrastructure.

Off-Road Equipment

Spare the Air Status

Last Updated: 8/3/2023