TFCA 40 Percent Fund

The TFCA 40 Percent Fund is a voluntary program that reduces emissions by funding alternative-fuel and trip-reduction projects.

Program Summary

Funded by the Transportation Fund for Clean Air, the TFCA 40 Percent Fund is offered through each county’s Transportation Agency. Interested applicants should reach out to their county’s Transportation Agency to learn about the program.

Eligible Project Types

Funds are available for the following project types:

  • Clean air vehicles and electric and hydrogen recharging stations: includes alternative fuel and plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles, scrapping old vehicles, and alternative fuel infrastructure 
  • Ridesharing: includes shuttle, vanpool, carpool, transit, rail-bus, and smart growth projects
  • Bicycle Facilities: includes installation of new bicycle paths/lanes/routes and secure bike parking, such as lockers and racks
  • Infrastructure Improvement for Trip Reduction: includes traffic-calming and construction of facilities that expand access to mass transit, such as a new ferry terminal or bus-rapid-transit lane


Public agencies in the Air District’s jurisdiction can apply for funds. Non-public entities may be eligible for funds for certain clean air vehicle projects. The Guidance Document below provides additional requirements and details on project eligibility.

Agencies That Administer TFCA 40 Percent Funds

Designated liaison for each agency:

  • Alameda County: Alameda County Transportation Commission, Jacki Taylor, Principal Program Analyst
  • Contra Costa County: Contra Costa Transportation Authority, Ying Smith, Director, Mobility Programs
  • Marin County: Transportation Authority of Marin, Scott McDonald, Principal Transportation Planner
  • Napa County: Napa Valley Transportation Authority, Diana Meehan, Senior Program Planner-Administrator
  • Santa Clara County: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, William Hough, Transportation Planner
  • San Francisco County: San Francisco County Transportation Authority, Mike Pickford, Principal Transportation Planner
  • San Mateo County: City/County Association of Governments (C/CAG) of San Mateo County, Kim Wever, Transportation Program Specialist
  • Solano County: Solano Transportation Authority, Dulce Jimenez, Planning Assistant
  • Sonoma County: Sonoma County Transportation Authority, David Ripperda, Assistant Director of Projects and Programming


TFCA 40 Percent Fund Expenditure Plan Guidance:

Reporting Forms:

Audit Report:


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