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For projects that propose to replace vehicles and equipment with zero-emissions technology, applicants may also apply for funding to install new or upgrade or expand existing battery-charging and hydrogen fueling stations. 

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A webinar was held on March 28, 2024. Webinar presentation and recording:

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New 4/11/2024

How to Apply

Visit our Apply for Funding web page to see which project categories are eligible for funding this cycle and to access the online application portal.

Eligible Project Types

  • Battery Charging Infrastructure Projects: install new, upgrade existing, or expand existing battery-charging infrastructure that will support zero-emissions equipment and vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rate (GVWR) of 14,001 pounds or greater.
  • Hydrogen Fueling Station Projects: install new, or upgrade or expand existing hydrogen fueling stations that will support equipment and vehicles with a GVWR of 14,001 pounds or greater.
  • Agricultural Pumps: installation of infrastructure to support electrification of agricultural pumps.
  • Other Infrastructure Projects:
    • Additional projects may be considered on a case-by-case basis, such as infrastructure for transport refrigeration units and truck stop electrification.

Funding for the following project types is available through other solicitations:

The Air District's Charge! Program offers funding for publicly accessible battery charging stations for stations that support light-duty vehicles (GVWR 14,000 pounds and lighter).

The California Volkswagen Mitigation Trust offers funding for zero-emission freight and marine projects including shore power infrastructure projects. 

Key Eligibility Criteria

  • Infrastructure must be located within the Air District’s jurisdiction.
  • Public and private entities are eligible to apply. 
  • Applicants must either own the land or have legal control where the project will be located for the duration of the project term.
  • Applicants must be in and maintain compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances, and building code regulations (see box with CARB contact information at the end of this section).
  • To be eligible, projects must be voluntary (not required or mandated by regulation).
  • For battery-charging infrastructure: chargers must be Level 2 or higher.
  •  Applicants must submit an application, be awarded, and enter into a grant agreement with the Air District prior to starting their projects. Projects that have started (e.g., order or deposit placed) prior to the funding agreement will be disqualified.

Interested applicants should review the equipment type specific web pages for additional potential requirements.

CARB Contact Information

Questions about California Air Resources Board regulations or compliance should be directed to CARB staff at 1-800-242-4450 or

General Project Requirements

  • Eligible projects will have a usage or fueling requirement over their project term.
  • Installation work must be performed by a licensed contractor.
  • Equipment and parts must be new and not remanufactured or refurbished.
  • Publicly accessible infrastructure must have a 95 percent uptime with 24/7 customer service available onsite, via toll-free telephone number. 
  • A warranty on the infrastructure equipment may be required.
  • Detailed quotes (e.g., breakdown of parts, labor, taxes, shipping, and other costs and fees) are required as part of the application.
  • Applicants must not make binding financial commitments or orders before a grant agreement with the Air District is executed. 

Eligible Costs

  • Design and engineering.
  • Equipment (e.g., charging/fueling units, energy storage equipment, meter/data loggers, shipping, sales tax, on-site power generation such as wind and solar).
  • Installation, permitting, environmental consulting, and other applicable fees and costs directly related to the project. 

Funding Sources

The Air District may use one or more of these funding sources for infrastructure projects.

If you are applying for Air District funding and pursuing additional funding from other sources, you must note this in your application. Funding for infrastructure projects may also be offered by PG&E. 


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