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Updated 9/27/2022

Air District funding is available to help upgrade or replace older, high-emitting, heavy-duty school buses with newer, alternative fuel or zero-emission school buses.

New 9/20/2022

How to Apply

Visit our Apply for Funding web page to apply. There are multiple funding sources available for heavy-duty school buses. After you apply, Air District staff will work with you to match your project with an appropriate funding source.

Eligible Project Types

  • Vehicle Replacement: Replace heavy-duty school buses with the cleanest vehicles available, including zero-emission or alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Fleet Expansion: Purchase public school electric school buses without the need to scrap an older bus. Applicants considering this option are encouraged to contact us prior to applying, as funding is limited.
  • Infrastructure projects: Install new, convert, or expand existing battery-charging or hydrogen fueling infrastructure to fuel school buses. Funding for other types of alternative fueling infrastructure (e.g., compressed natural gas, etc.) may be available on a case-by-case basis.

Key Eligibility Criteria

  • Public school districts, Joint Powers Authorities, public charter schools, county offices of education, and private fleets contracted to provide public school transportation may apply.
  • Eligible buses must have a gross vehicle weight rating of 14,001 pounds or heavier and be fueled by diesel, natural gas, or liquid propane gas. School buses that are below 14,001 pounds can be approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • School buses must transport public school students (grades K-12) to and from school, or for school-sponsored activities within the Air District’s boundaries.
  • Applicants must submit an application, be awarded, and enter into a funding agreement with the Air District prior to starting their projects. Projects that have started (e.g., placing an order or deposit for a vehicle) prior to the funding agreement being signed by all parties will be disqualified.

Applications are accepted for school bus projects within the Air District’s boundaries, and the Air District may prioritize projects operating in areas highlighted in the Priority Community Map or Community Air Protection corridors that result in significant emission reductions. Contact Air District staff if you think your fleet operates within these priority areas.

Complete information about project requirements and eligibility criteria are available in the documents located in the Resources section below. If you have a project that does not meet all the eligibility criteria, please contact us to discuss other potential opportunities.

Battery Charging and Fueling Infrastructure

Eligible applicants funded for new electric and alternative fuel school bus(es) may also apply for grants to install, convert, or expand battery charging stations and hydrogen fueling infrastructure. Funding for other types of alternative fueling stations, such as natural gas or petroleum may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Eligible costs of infrastructure projects include:

  • Costs of design and engineering,
  • Equipment (e.g. charging/fueling units, energy storage equipment, on-site power generation such as solar or wind), and
  • Installation directly related to the project, and meters or data loggers.

Eligible projects must comply with all applicable laws, be located within Air District jurisdictional boundaries for use by buses operating in the Bay Area, and meet site ownership, equipment specification, and other Program and Air District requirements.

For additional details about project options and funding amounts see Resources section.

Funding Sources

The following are funding sources that could be used to fund school bus projects.

Unless otherwise noted, applicants do not need to apply for a particular funding source. After submission of an application, staff will review and match your project with an appropriate funding source.

The following are other funding opportunities outside of the Air District that are available for heavy-duty school bus projects. If you are applying for Air District funding and pursuing one of these other funding opportunities, please note so in your application.


Workshops and Events

Watch the Air District co-hosted webinar Stack Incentives and Maximize Funding to Jumpstart Your School’s Electric Bus Fleet for information on transitioning your school bus fleet to electric.

View the Calendar for upcoming workshops, events, and deadlines.

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