Tungkol sa Distrito ng Hangin

Mga Adyenda, mga Ulat, at mga Utos ng Lupon ng Pagdinig


Alamin ang tungkol sa mga pinal na utos ng Lupon ng Pagdinig at tingnan ang mga adyenda at tuwing ikatlong buwan na mga ulat.

2023 Hearing Board Agendas

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2022 Hearing Board Agendas

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2022 Quarterly Reports

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2022 Final Orders

The Hearing Board’s final orders will be in writing and contain the reasons for its decision. The Board may instruct either party to prepare a draft written order as follows:

  • Prepare the order in the format specified by the Hearing Board.
  • Submit the order to the Clerk of the Boards in both paper and electronic formats.
  • Submit the order within 10 days (or other time period specified by the Hearing Board).
  • If the party directed to submit the order (Party A) fails to do so within the required time period, the other party (Party B) can submit an order within 10 days after the date Party A’s order was originally due. In that case, the Air District cannot accept any response or objection to Party B’s order unless Party A requests and receives permission from the Hearing Board to submit such information.
  • In addition, if either party fails to provide a written order after being directed to do so, that party is subject to sanctions and civil penalties.
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