General Instructions

With the lifting of the Bay Area's emergency Shelter-in-Place Order, the Air District is transitioning to a regular service environment.

Please continue to hold off on visiting our office unless you have made specific arrangements.

Here is an overview of how we handle permitting business:

Submitting documents and forms

With the exception of the Transfer of Ownership form which must be mailed, we encourage you to email your submission to:

For Open Burn, email:

For Asbestos Demolition, Renovation, Job (“J”) number, email:

For submitting data update forms, email:

For all other permits, email:

  • We accept only emails with attachments as PDFs (size limit not to exceed 35 megabytes). Attachments of other file types will be ignored or deleted by our cyber security software. Every email submittal must have a name and phone number for a facility contact in the email text as we will call to verify your identity before accepting your submittal.
  • If your facility has already been assigned a plant or facility number, please include the number in your email subject line.

Email submissions may include: Permit applications, banking applications, administrative forms, data (annual) update forms, and start-up notifications.

  • Do NOT email payment documents or documents containing payment info such as credit card information.

Status of permit applications (excludes asbestos, open burn, registration, and banking)

If you want to know whether your permit application was received, you can look up its status. It may take up to 5 business days upon receipt for submitted application to be entered and listed. Mailed applications that are not listed may be in transit. If you have questions about whether your application was received, please email us at (preferred) or leave a voicemail message at 415-749-4990.

Online payments and payment status

You can look up the status of your payments and or pay online at You will need your invoice number and customer number located on your invoice to use this service. Online payments are encouraged and the best way to avoid payment problems. Payment by fax is no longer available.

Permit Renewal documents

If you recently paid to renew your Permit to Operate or Certificate of Registration, new permit documents will be issued in about 3 to 5 business days after your payment is posted. Permit documents will not we issued if there is an outstanding balance on your invoice.

  • The most likely reason is a payment of an incorrect amount or a late payment (unpaid late fees).
  • Check the balance of your invoice at
  • If your permit renewal invoice is paid AND you have not received your renewed permit after 14 days since your payment was posted, contact your assigned Engineering staff or email

Permit documents from applications

After a permit application’s decision is made, permit documents will be issued by email as a PDF. When a signature is required, they will have an electronic signature.

Data Update forms

If you have forms to submit, we encourage you to email them to per the instructions in the "Submitting documents and forms" section on this page.

Contacting Us

If you have a question on Open Burn, please contact the Compliance & Enforcement Division at (preferred) or 415-749-4999.

If you have a question on asbestos, demolition, renovation, or job numbers or j-numbers, please contact the Compliance & Enforcement Division at (preferred) or 415-749-4762.

If you have an Engineering staff member assigned to your facility, the best way to communicate is by email. We have access to voicemail but will not be able to answer direct calls. If you have a name but not the contact information, refer to the staff directory.

If you have a general question or don’t know your assigned Engineering staff, please email us at (preferred) or leave a voicemail message at 415-749-4990.

For more questions on compliance please visit our Compliance Assistance page.

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Last Updated: 3/7/2023