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Accessibility at Laban sa Pandidiskrimina

Ang Air District ay hindi nandidiskrimina sa basehan ng lahi, bansang pinagmulan, kinikilalang grupo ng etniko, ninuno, relihiyon, edad, kasarian, sekswal na oryentasyon, kinikilalang kasarian, ipinapahayag na kasarian, kulay, impormasyong ng henetiko, medikal na kondisyon o pagkaisipan o pisikal na kapansanan, o anumang iba pang katangian o paniniwalang pinoprotektahan ng batas.

Accessibility and Non-Discrimination Policy

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, ethnic group identification, ancestry, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, color, genetic information, medical condition, or mental or physical disability, or any other attribute or belief protected by law.

It is the BAAQMD’s policy to provide fair and equal access to the benefits of a program or activity administered by BAAQMD. BAAQMD will not tolerate discrimination against any person(s) seeking to participate in, or receive the benefits of, any program or activity offered or conducted by BAAQMD. Members of the public who believe they or others were unlawfully denied full and equal access to a BAAQMD program or activity may file a discrimination complaint with BAAQMD under this policy. This non-discrimination policy also applies to other people or entities affiliated with BAAQMD, including contractors or grantees that BAAQMD utilizes to provide benefits and services to members of the public.

Auxiliary aids and services including, for example, qualified interpreters and/or listening devices, to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, and to other individuals as necessary to ensure effective communication or an equal opportunity to participate fully in the benefits, activities, programs and services will be provided by the BAAQMD in a timely manner and in such a way as to protect the privacy and independence of the individual. Please contact the Non-Discrimination Coordinator identified below at least three days in advance of a meeting so that arrangements can be made accordingly.

If you believe discrimination has occurred with respect to a BAAQMD program or activity, you may contact the Non-Discrimination Coordinator identified below or visit our Non-Discrimination Policy and Complaint Procedure page to learn how and where to file a complaint of discrimination. 


The Air District does not discriminate in its hiring or employment practices and complies with all federal and state civil rights laws.  The Air District has in place an Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Discrimination Complaint Procedures which governs employment and complaints of discrimination.

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Effective Communication

The Air District recognizes that to effectively reach and engage the diverse population of the region, it must strive to provide residents with meaningful access to services and with materials in languages other than English and for persons with disabilities. The Air District currently has a number of practices in place for providing services and materials in languages other than English and in formats accessible to persons with disabilities, to both the general public and the industry-specific populations that utilize its varied services, such as permit, compliance assistance and grant programs.

Learn more about Air District Language Assistance.

Web Content Accessibility

The Air District adheres to technical standards for accessible Web design and compatibility. These standards ensure that the content of this website can be reached by the widest possible audience regardless of disability, limitations of computer equipment or use of alternate Internet access devices.

Policy Questions?

Please address questions regarding the Non-Discrimination Policy to the Air District's Non-Discrimination Coordinator.

Non-Discrimination Coordinator
Suma Peesapati
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Last Updated: 3/7/2022