Air Quality Models and Data

The Air Quality Models and Data section includes links to the CalEEMod statewide land-use emissions computer model and links to other resources to assess air pollution emissions and exposure.

These resources can be used to assess air quality and the impact it has on communities and public health.

Mixed Land Use Screening Tool for Criteria Pollutants and Precursors
This Excel-based tool provides CEQA lead agencies with a conservative indication of whether implementing a proposed mixed land use project could result in potentially significant criteria air pollutants and precursors impacts.

Statewide land-use emissions computer model designed to quantify potential criteria pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions associated with both construction and operations from a variety of land-use projects.

California Air Resource Board emissions inventory model for assessing emissions from on-road mobile sources.

Hot Spot Analysis and Reporting Program (HARP) is a software program used to screen and model risk and hazards from stationery, highway, and roadway sources.

Air Monitoring Data
Provides access to current air quality and meteorological information based on measurements taken at stations in the Air District’s monitoring network. Some of the data on these pages is raw or unchecked data that may contain some errors. Note: For the availability of AERMOD-ready data, please make a  Public Records Request. 

Caltrans Traffic Volumes Annual Average Daily Traffic
Caltrans traffic summaries are used when presenting a statewide picture of traffic flow, evaluating traffic trends, computing accident rates, planning and designing highways, and other purposes.

Caltrans PeMS
Database of real-time traffic data of California state freeways. 

California Air Resource Board Methodology for Ocean-Going-Vessels and Commercial Harbor Craft
CARB's methodology to estimate emissions from ocean-going vessels and commercial harbor craft includes inventory used to support regulatory analysis of statewide regulations of emissions from marine engines.

Environmental Benefits Mapping and Analysis Program - BenMAP
Assesses the economic value of changes in air quality on health impact.

VMT Data Portal
A data portal developed for local government to help support GHG inventory development for climate action planning.

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