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The Air District has launched the new Flex Your Commute website to assist companies and the public in rethinking driving alone to work as planning begins for returning to the workplace.

Spare the Air Status

Flex Your Commute is a program that encourages employers to work in partnership with their employees to enable them to regain the benefits of their time lost commuting by choosing alternatives to driving alone to work.

The Flex Your Commute website provides resources for employers to help them develop a commute program for their employees. Employers can access a commute program implementation guide, a model teleworking agreement, survey templates for assessing a company’s commuting culture and quick links to relevant information on and other local organizations.

Flex Your Commute aims to create a culture of commuting innovation by reducing stress and helping Bay Area companies retain quality employees. Commuters spend hours of lost time driving alone to work. Driving alone costs employees money, can reduce productivity and cause greater loss due to sick days by reducing overall employee health. Encouraging sustainable commuting practices helps employers retain quality employees and enables them to provide a tangible benefit while improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Transportation is the number one source of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in the Bay Area. Carpooling, public transportation, vanpools, bicycling, walking and teleworking will help the region reduce transportation-related air pollution and enable employees to regain their lost time driving alone.

Employers can commit to a commuting partnership with their employees by signing the Flex Your Commute pledge, agreeing to champion a commuting partnership by connecting employees for carpooling, encouraging and incentivizing public transit, fostering vanpools, bicycling, walking, and continuing flexibility through telework.

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Last Updated: 06/11/2023