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Community Advisory Council

The Community Advisory Council makes recommendations to the Board of Directors and Executive Officer on equity and environmental justice to improve air quality.

The Community Advisory Council provides guidance to the Board of Directors on programs and policies that impact all communities, including overburdened communities. The CAC advises the Air District on community-related matters to advance an equity-forward agenda.

Community Advisory Council Land Acknowledgement

The Community Advisory Council approved this Land Acknowledgement on September 8, 2022:

We begin by acknowledging that this land is unceded Indigenous land. The territories, or counties we represent, are of the Indigenous people. To acknowledge this history of our country - that this nation was built on genocide, the exclusion and erasure of Indigenous people - grounds our work in truth. We also acknowledge that our modern global economy was founded on the free and forced labor of enslaved Black people. And that exploited labor continuously perpetuates itself in disadvantaged communities of color, as we see in the treatment of farm workers, immigrant workers, prison labor, and domestic workers. This practice of land acknowledgement calls on us to recognize our violent history that is the foundation of white supremacy, and to recognize the longstanding and ongoing resistance of People of Color to dehumanization, repression, and homicide. And that the brilliance and leadership of People of Color in resistance, vision, wisdom, and love be honored and recognized as we work to dismantle ongoing legacies of settler colonialism and anti-blackness.


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Last Updated: 02/10/2023