Penalties and Settlements

Learn about how the Air District has resolved significant penalty enforcement cases and other litigation.

This page provides agreements the Air District has entered into to resolve enforcement cases and lawsuits.

Penalty Assessments

This table contains links to agreements to resolve Notices of Violation. It includes all agreements entered into since July 2023 for which the Air District has prepared a press release. For more information about Notices of Violation issued in the last five years, see our Notices of Violation Web Tool.

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Settlement Agreements

This table contains agreements to resolve civil litigation. It includes all agreements entered into since September 2023 settling any lawsuit against the Air District that involved the Air District’s exercise of its regulatory authority over air pollution and air pollution emission sources within its jurisdiction, including the adoption and enforcement of regulations, the issuance of permits, the enforcement of its regulations, and any other issue related to its public functions as a governmental regulatory agency. It also includes links to press releases (where available) providing additional information about each case. 

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Last Updated: 05/10/2023