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Emissions Lookup Tool

In this Bay Area Emissions Inventory Data interactive report, you can find:

  • A summary of emissions in tons/year (tpy) by pollutant and by Sector
  • A detailed breakdown of emissions by pollutant and Sub Sector for a selected Sector

The inventory is constantly reviewed and updated. The data shown in this report are in-line with the Bay Area Emissions Inventory Summary Report as presented on the Criteria Air Pollutants page. The Limitations and Future Improvements section of this report highlights inventory updates currently being worked on and not yet incorporated into this dataset.

Note: Emissions from biogenic or natural sources are not included here. Please refer to the California Air Resources Board Inventory page for more information.

Exploring the data:

  • The main summary page provides an overview of emissions for the Bay Area for a particular year. Follow the Steps on this tab to make insights into the data.

Example: Which economic subsector contributed the most to NOx in Year 2021?

Answer: Ships

Steps: Derive this by making the following selections in order: Pollutant: NOx -> Year: 2021 ->

View results on Sub Sector Pie Chart

  • For emissions over time by Sector or Sub Sector, click on the directional buttons below the pie charts to view and make selections
  • Please note: selections made on the main summary page do not carry over to the time series charts.

Tips on Viewing:

  • All charts can be seen as a data table by right clicking on a chart and selecting ‘show as table’
  • All charts can be magnified by selecting the chart area, and selecting 'Focus' in the upper right corner of the chart

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Last Updated: 11/09/2023